Connecting with other Believers can be hard at times. Simply just finding like minded people who have a heart for God, The people of Israel and the catching up of the faithful remnant church is difficult.

If you have the following state of mind and would like to connect simply fill out the form below and as your post code comes up you will be connected with other individuals in your area.

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In a community of believers devoted to God’s Word. Founded upon an unwavering commitment to “anchor ourselves to the rock of Christ,” we would see the entire Bible verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation taught, and seek to apply its truth to our daily lives in order to go deeper in our walk with the Lord. We seek to be a growing body of believers committed to reaching our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word, and that it contains God’s perfect plan to redeem humanity from sin, through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

We defend God’s absolute truth in a relativistic culture. We desire to ground our understanding of current events from a biblical and prophetic perspective. We seek to protect each other by warning of the growing apostasy inside and outside of Christendom. We value the Biblical family unit which was created by God to be the bedrock of a society, and seek to connect others with family to live Christ in our everyday lives, collectivally. Therefore, our desire is to preserve our marriages and seek to protect and prepare our children to encounter a culture that is hostile to a biblical view of the family. We support the Jewish people, the nation of Israel, and the Lord’s plan for them.

We believe that the Church just didn’t happen, but that the LORD planted us in our areas and regions of Australia for a specific reason. Our mission is simple and it guides everything we do: Love God, Love People, Share Jesus, Make Disciples. This mission is uniquely different compared to what the world offers to people. We seek to connect others and offer what people need instead of what they think they want.
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This website is for the purpose of making the introductions, your job is take it from there.